Potentially Induced Earthquakes in the News


The Washington Post asks: Who should be held responsible for the earthquakes in Oklahoma?

According to Newsweek, who to blame for the earthquakes in Oklahoma is now a matter for the courts to settle.

Meanwhile, in Kansas, the state geologist is arguing that disposal wells are the most likely cause of the recent spate of earthquakes the state has seen.


Kansas officials explain earthquakes are connected to wastewater disposal wells rather than directly related to fracking.


Three mid-sized earthquakes shook residents in Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma last night, with the Kansas and Oklahoma earthquakes registering at around Mag 4.

According to news coming from Kansas, at least two earthquakes rattled Kansas early this morning.


The rate of earthquakes in Oklahoma is over 100 times greater than anything experienced in history, and it appears to be leveling out at that rate.


Texas is all shook up after 8 earthquakes rocked the state in less than 24 hours. Update: Four more earthquakes occurred the following day.

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