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GNSS site in Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda

Our work entails measuring the Earth's surface motions with millimeter precision and using computational modeling to understand the physical processes driving Earth's volcanoes, earthquakes, and continental deformation.

GTL is committed to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the geosciences in support of #BlackLivesMatter.

We also stand in solidarity with Asian and Pacific Islander communities. #StopAsianHate

Please contact us if you are interested in research opportunities.

Welcome new undergraduate researcher Esha Islam!

The Virginia Tech Geosciences URGE Pod has begun! Dr. Stamps is excited to be leading our Pod at Virginia Tech with several members of GTL joining the group.

New publication accepted! Rajaonarison et al. (in press), Role of Lithospheric Buoyancy Forces in Driving Deformation in East Africa from 3D Geodynamic Modeling, Geophysical Research Letters.

Welcome new PhD students Daud Ntambila and Asenath Kwagalakwe, new undergraduate resesarcher Kelsey Popolizio, and new Postdoctoral Associate Dr. Emmanuel Njinju!

Congratulations Tahiry Rajaonarison and Emmanul Njinju for passing your defenses!

New NSF grant funded through the Frontiers in Earth Science Resesarch program on Dry Rifting In the Albertine-Rhino Graben, Uganda (DRIAR).

Welcome new laboratory assistant Rufus Hinton IV!

Geology paper in press on Redefining the Kinematics of the East African Rift System.

New publication from the GTL group: Glerum, A., Brune, S., Stamps, D.S. et al. Victoria continental microplate dynamics controlled by the lithospheric strength distribution of the East African Rift. Nat Commun 11, 2881 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-020-16176-x

We are excited about Karen Williams joining our lab in Fall 2020 as a new PhD student!

Stamps has been awarded her CAREER grant entitled Volcano-Tectonic Interactions During Early Phases of Continental Rifting!

Congratulations Roberto Gorjon-Andujar on earning your Bachelors degree in Geosciences!

Congratulations Tahiry Rajaonarison on his first-author publication at JGR!: Rajaonarison, T.A., D.S. Stamps, S. Fishwick, S. Brune, A. Glerun, J. Hu, (2020), Numerical Modeling of Mantle Flow Beneath Madagascar to Constrain Upper Mantle Rheology Beneath Continental Regions, Journal of Geophysical Research

Stamps became a 2019-2020 NSF Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics Distinguished Lecturer with talks at Michigan State University, Grand Valley State University, and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

10 new GNSS datasets from Uganda and Kenya made publically accessible with doi's at UNAVCO (www.unavco.org)

Emmanuel Njinju's paper is now published in Tectonics! Lithospheric Structure of the Malawi Rift: Implications for Magma-Poor Rifting Processes. Congratulations!

Welcome new Fall 2019 Undergraduate Reserchers Gabbi Troia, Myles Mason, and Rebecca Plosay!

Welcome new Laboratory Assistant Siria Aparicio!

Great field season in Tanzania and Kenya in August-September 2019. A video crew joined us for a new CBS documentary!

2019 Journal of Geophysical Research Paper: Strain accommodation in the Daliangshan Mountain area, southeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau, Rui and Stamps

PhD student Emmanuel Njinju published his first article in the Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research! Terrestrial heat flow in the Malawi Rifted Zone, East Africa: Implications for tectono-thermal inheritance in continental rift basins.

Welcome undergraduate researcher Israel Mamo!

Josh Jones passed his preliminary exams! Congratulations new PhD candidate!

D. Sarah Stamps had a great visit to Penn State over Spring Break 2019 and the University of Memphis in April 2019.

Josh R. Jones published his first paper in G-Cubed! Evidence for slip on a border fault triggered by magmatic processes in an immature continental rift

2019 G-Cubed: A geodetic strain rate field and tectonic velocity model for China, Rui and Stamps

Congratulations Emmanuel Njinju, PhD student, for receiving the AGU GeoPRISMS student award honorable mention!

GTL members represented the laboratory in the Virginia Tech ICAT Science Day 2018.

Congratulations Jessica Schobelock for earning your Msc degree! She's now a software engineer at Capitol One.

Congratulations Laboratory Assistant Lidia Guerra for getting a summer semester program in DC this summer (2018)!

Congratulations Undergraduate Researcher Sean Malloy for obtaining a UNAVCO summer internship and a job as a field engineer at UNAVCO.

Congratulations PhD student Josh Jones for obtaining a UCAR summer internship for the summer of 2018.

Msc student Jessica Schobelock presented a poster at the 2018 Seismological Society of America meeting in Miami, FL. Good job earning the SSA travel scholarhip!

Stamps gave a CIG Distinguished Lecturer presentation at Hampton University.

2018 Nature: Scientific Reports paper on a Geodetic Strain Rate Model for the East African Rift System, Stamps et al.

Welcome undergraduate researchers Sarah Morgan and Ryan Roane Spring 2018!

GTL welcomes Jared Guzman as an undergraduate researcher until the end of Fall semester 2017!

Welcome Research Scholar Dr. Rui Xu from the Sichuan Earthquake Bureau, China (2017-2018).

GTL members represented the laboratory in the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Virginia Tech Department of Geosciences, GeoFair and Mineral Sale.

GTL researchers presented at the 2017 and 2018 Virginia Tech Undergraduate Research Mixer

Research featured in National Geographic Society story 'Mountain of God' preparing to Erupt'.

Virginia Tech Department of Geosciences welcomes new Department Chair Professor Steve Holbrook 2017

The Geodesy and Tectonophysics Laboratory welcomes new PhD student Emmanuel Njinju Fall 2017

Stamps became a 2017-2018 NSF Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics Distinguished Lecturer

Stamps awarded 2016-2017 EarthCube Community Service and Leadership Award

$1.4 million transdisciplinary NSF EarthCube Integration project approved for funding and led by our group